I Am Groot: New "Guardians of the Galaxy" Series to Kick Off This Summer

Vin Diesel is back as well

by Pierre Lorenz on June 9, 2022

A couple of days ago, Disney published the first details about the upcoming "I Am Groot" animated series. As the name suggests, this is a spin-off of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" series, but with baby Groot at the center. The format is very different from comparable Disney+ series. Instead of a long, coherent story, we will get to see a series of so-called original shorts, in other words: various short stories. Of course, there will also be the mandatory clash with other MCU characters. However, it is not known yet which ones these could be. We do know, at least, that Vin Diesel will be dubbing Groot, just as he did in the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movies.

So far, a first poster has been revealed, showing the little tree in a laid-back atmosphere on a beach towel. At the same time, the planned release date of August 10, 2022 is shown as well. We are certainly excited to see how the rather unusual series format will perform!

Image of I Am Groot, Deadpool 3, LotR: The Rings of Power