Game of Thrones: Aegon Targaryen Prequel Series & Movie Planned

This spin-off is just one among many announcements

by Tom Hartig on April 4, 2023

Despite all the concerns, the "Game of Thrones" prequel "House of the Dragon" was able to build on the success of the original series. So it makes perfect sense that HBO is now considering further spin-offs: According to Variety, another prequel series is currently being planned around Aegon Targaryen.

The events surrounding the famous dragon rider take place another 100 years prior to the happenings of "House of the Dragon". Aegon set the foundation for the Targaryen rule over Westeros and created the Iron Throne. Thus, a significant story that is to be told in an epic series.

The project is currently still at an early stage. At present, the team is looking for a suitable author to adapt the story to a script. However, the series will not be the only project: In fact, HBO is currently considering making a movie to introduce the entire story.

We'll keep you posted on how this project performs alongside the numerous other "Game of Thrones" projects that were announced in the past and have already been partly scrapped. The next release will probably be "House of the Dragon" Season 2 - sometime next year.