Sicario 3 with Benicio del Toro is in the works

The first part was nominated for three Oscars

by Jonas Reichel on September 22, 2023

Five years after "Sicario 2: Day of Soldado," the producers of the series have given the green light for another sequel, in which Benicio del Toro will once again take on the role of the mysterious assassin Alejandro.

With the film "Sicario" released in 2015, "Dune" director Denis Villeneuve created one of the most popular and grim thrillers of the last decade. However, the sequel fell short of expectations and a third part seemed far away at that time.

In an interview with The Messenger, the producers of the series surprisingly announced that a third part was still being considered and that great ideas were already on the table. Thus, work on the script could be continued as soon as the current strikes of the writers and actors come to an end. In addition, we can also look forward to a return of Benicio del Toro, who is going to play the role of the merciless assassin Alejandro Gillick again. Producer Basil Iwanyk:

"I can't wait for Sicario 3. I could watch Benicio play that guy forever. I mean, I can watch Benicio in anything, but in that character, it doesn't get old."

Whether we can also look forward to a return of Josh Brolin or Emily Blunt is not confirmed yet. Since the film is in an early stage of its development, we expect more announcements about the story and cast of "Sicario 3" soon.

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