Joker 2 in negotiation

Can director Todd Phillips settle with Warner?

by Pierre Lorenz on November 21, 2019

At first it was said that there shouldn't be a sequel to the Joker movie. Now it seems that the

tide has turned, because as the Hollywood reporter reports, despite some statements there

will probably be a Joker 2. According to the magazine, director Todd Phillips is currently in

negotiations for a sequel to the best R Rated movie of all time. His scriptwriter Scott Silver,

who is said to have made a significant contribution to the Joker's portrayal, will also return

next to Phillips. The big question, of course, is whether leading actor Joaquin Phoenix will

also be seen as the clown in front of the camera again. The Hollywood reporter also thinks to

have an answer to this question, as Phoenix' contract should contain a clause, similar to

other franchise films, that can get him back for possible sequels. And this even though Todd

Phillips actually stated from the beginning that Joker was supposed to be a one-time thing,

for which no sequel is planned. But at that time nobody had expected that the Joker, which

was produced relatively cheaply for a film of its size with approx. 63 million US dollars, could

break the magic one billion dollar mark.

However, the sequel is definitely not yet set, because as Phillips pointed out in the past days,

certain conditions are attached to a sequel. Among other things he has to come up with

something really worth telling about the protagonist Arthur Fleck and that he could under

certain circumstances include a side story about Batman and co. We are curious if Phillips

will come to an agreement with Warner and of course we will keep you up to date on

further Joker news.

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