New season of "Scream" in the pipeline!

Fans can look forward to the long awaited third season

by Pierre Lorenz on June 25, 2019

After the first two seasons of the horror series Scream received relatively decent feedback

from the fans, now the third season Scream is released 3 years after the second season.

The last news about the series based on Wes Cravens movies was 2016 with a Halloween

special in feature length.

However, after a long wait fans of the Mask Murderer will not be quite so satisfied, because

as it is now clear, the content of the third season produced by Queen Latifah has hardly

anything to do with its predecessors. Whether the fans will get satisfied with some

Oldschool Slasher Horror remains to be seen, but at least Roger Jackson the killer of the

original movies will return. This time the story takes place in Atlanta and revolves around a

young, aspiring football player who is struggling with his past.

In the USA, the six episodes of the third season are to be broadcast on VH1 next month

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