The Last of Us: First Image Enchants the Fan Community

Nevertheless, the critics are likely to be difficult to please

by Pierre Lorenz on September 29, 2021

There are very few Playstation titles that enjoy such a good reputation as "The Last of Us" series. The game, from the talented developer team Naughty Dog, tells a gripping and, above all, emotional story about the ill-matched survivor couple Joel and Ellie. Joel is a grumpy, often very calculating contemporary with a good heart, while Ellie is still a clueless, naive girl at the beginning of the story. Together they experience all kinds of adventures in a post-apocalyptic world and have to stand their ground not only against human scavengers, but above all against fungus-mutated undead. Now a picture of the two main characters has appeared, which only depicts them from behind, but which has already caused a lot of excitement due to the extremely high popularity of the two video games. At first glance, this could also be a shot taken straight from the game, but in fact we do see the two actors Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. Pascal is, of course, well-known as the main actor of the also very popular series "The Mandalorian". Ramsey, on the other hand, may be familiar to many from the last seasons of "Game of Thrones", a series in which Pascal also made an impressive appearance. "The Last of Us" is being produced under the HBO name, while Naughty Dog is actively supporting the production. After all, the fans do not want to be upset with an ordinary copy. Naturally, the content is based on the two previously released games, but the producers also want to deliberately add new elements. 

Meanwhile, shooting for the first season of The Last of Us is still in full swing, which means that the series might not be released before the end of 2022, if not before 2023. 

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