Lionsgate Plans a Remake of the Cult Thriller "American Psycho"

"American Psycho 2" fell short of expectations

by Jonas Reichel on February 26, 2024

Patrick Bateman returns: around 25 years after the original film "American Psycho", a remake of the thriller starring Christian Bale is reportedly being planned. According to Hollywood insider Jeff Snyder, Lionsgate is currently looking for gifted screenwriters to pen the remake.

The remake is to deviate from the original story, which was set in the 1980s, by taking place in the present day. "American Psycho" tells the story of investment banker Patrick Bateman, whose life is defined by ideals of beauty, luxury goods and belonging to the upper class. Behind it all, however, is a serial killer who primarily targets young women.

The decision to use a modern setting opens up a wealth of new possibilities for examining Bateman's psychological depths, especially in the age of social media, where beauty and self-fashioning are the norm.

Information on a possible cast or release date is not known yet, since the project still appears to be at an early stage of development. However, Lionsgate should be pleased to finally breathe new life into the franchise. After all, the studio has been toying with the idea of expanding Patrick Bateman's dark universe for quite a while. The only attempt at a sequel to date came two years after the classic with "American Psycho 2", however, the movie had little in common with the original.

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