Emma Stone now no longer considered for "Babylon“

Instead, Margot Robbie could stand in for her

by Pierre Lorenz on December 2, 2020

A few days ago it was announced that Emma Stone is no longer considered for Damien Chazelles Hollywood epic "Babylon". This comes as a bit of a surprise, as Chazelles collaboration with Stone has earned the 32-year-old an Oscar as best actress in 2017. The reason for the exit, however, is not supposed to be a dispute between the two, but rather Stone's busy schedule. A suitable replacement also seems to have been found, because as The Wrap reports, the "La La Land" actress will be replaced by none other than Margot Robbie. Not much is known about the content yet, but one suspects a historical drama, which is supposed to take place in the 1920s or -30s. The film industry and the revolutionary change from silent to sound film will be the focus of attention. We can expect an official release as early as February 17, 2022, but in view of the fact that shooting has not yet begun, we dare to doubt that.

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