Godzilla vs. Kong: Netflix wants to secure the rights

However, Warner Bros. could do something similar with " Wonder Woman 1984

by Pierre Lorenz on November 26, 2020

The undisputed highlight of the MonserVerse will be published next year and will be called "Godzilla vs Kong". As Deadline and the Hollywood Reporter now report, the movie is Netflix worth 200 million US dollars and of course includes exclusive publishing rights for the streaming service. The latest news is that Warner has turned down the offer and may be planning to show the blockbuster simultaneously on his own streaming service HBO Max and in the cinema - similar to "Wonder Woman 1984" which will be released in December. But since three-quarters of the film belongs to the production company Legendary, which in turn is a subsidiary of the Chinese Wanda Group, and they want to see money from it, Warner could get into a quandary with this model and, despite his own plans, have to close the deal with Netflix. A rather complicated situation, which will certainly also depend on the success of "Wonder Woman 1984". How do you see that? Would you rather see the movie exclusively on Netflix or do you simply need the cinematic experience for the spectacular blockbuster? Write it down in the comments!

Image of Deadpool 3, Godzilla vs. Kong, Predator 5