Ghost of Tsushima: This Is How the Director Envisions the Video Game Adaptation

It is based on one of the most successful games ever

by Pierre Lorenz on August 15, 2022

In 2020, "Ghost of Tsushima", one of Sony's best games of the past few years, was released on the PlayStation 4. Primarily the constant references to Japanese cinema and director Akira Kurosawa as well as the breathtakingly beautiful game world made the game created by developer studio Sucker Punch Productions sell over 9 million units within two years. In its original form, the game, in which you play the samurai Jin Sakai, is produced entirely in Japanese, but of course it does feature corresponding audio output and subtitles. 

The final movie is supposed to turn out very similarly, at least according to director Chad Stahelski. The "John Wick" director recently spoke in an interview with Collider about the way the upcoming film will be made, and it promises to be extremely authentic. Due to his connection to the Japanese cult director Kurosawa, among other reasons, the "Ghost of Tsushima" movie will be released in Japanese with appropriate subtitles. Stahelski sees little issue with this, since Western audiences are used to reading subtitles anyway. But that's not all: all the actors involved are also expected to be from Japan. After all, the Mongol invasion of the island of Tsushima, which is the main subject of the game, was also a Japanese affair. Sony is said to be very much behind the idea, so it should only be a short period of time before shooting starts. There is no exact release date for the movie yet, though given the early stage of production, we should not count on a release in the next two years.

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