Cloverfield: Paramount Has Further Plans for the Franchise

Until now the movies have not been much related to each other

by Pierre Lorenz on September 25, 2022

With "Cloverfield", director Matt Reeves pulled off a real surprise hit in 2008. The found footage style monster film revolves around a massive monster that haunts New York City. Two sequels also came out that were only loosely related to the original, with the last installment being released in theaters in 2018. 

Now Paramount Pictures is apparently planning another sequel, as Deadline reports. "The Ritual" author Joe Barton is said to be writing the script, while "Under the Shadow" director Babak Anvari is set to direct the film. One returnee behind the camera is J.J. Abrams, who has been a producer on all three films so far. The period in which the movie is based and whether this time there will possibly be a link to one of the previous movies is not known yet. But it is also possible that the upcoming feature will be a stand-alone film again. 

Following the previous concept, a common thread will surely be a gigantic monster from another dimension once again. So far, the exact story has always been kept secret until close to release, so you should not expect any news on the plot anytime soon. We are nevertheless looking forward to more updates regarding the cast and filming; a release date has not been announced yet. 

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