After a big wave of outrage to "Sonic": Paramount moves release date

Fans caused the studio to change the protagonist

by Pierre Lorenz on May 28, 2019

Just a few weeks ago Sonic The Hedgehog started a Shitstorm wave in a trailer because of his

human appearance. The outrage was so great that they decided to change the appearance

of the protagnist Sonic.

Now Paramount announced how long the release date will be delayed, namely by three


The reason is obvious. The CGI and 3D artists need a lot more time in post-production to

completely rework the main character. Director Jeff Fowler wrote on Twitter: "We are taking

the time to make the Sonic movie right.

The story revolves around the alien being Sonic, known to many from comics and video

games of the same name, who is on the run from Dr Eggman, played by Jim Carry.

Sonic's new release date is now February 14, 2020.

Image of Sonic, Indiana Jones Movie, Black Widow