The Lord of the Rings: First Image Reveals Details About New Series

The final release date was also announced

by Pierre Lorenz on August 5, 2021

Amazon's most expensive series of all time has been in production for some time now, namely "The Lord of the Rings". After Peter Jackson's film trilogy and the "Hobbit" spin-off, fans are already eagerly awaiting the giant project. Since we must still wait quite a while until the official release on September 2, 2022, we are all the more pleased that a first image from the series has now been published. You can see a scene from the first episode, which offers plenty of speculation. For instance, you can see the two trees of Valinor in the background under the strong radiance. As is well known, the first age of Middle Earth was initiated with the creation of the two trees Laurelin and Telperion by the Valar. The huge trees once served as a source of light and were destroyed by Melkor, who later becomes also known as Morgoth. He was the most powerful of all Valar and also the mentor of the later villain Sauron. 

The question is: What does this tell us about the plot? We assume that the first episode starts at the end of the First Age and deals with the destruction of the trees. Subsequently, we would then arrive at the Second Age, in which the series is supposed to take place. 

There is also the question of who the person in the foreground is. There are many indications that it is a Valar or an Elf, for otherwise no one would be allowed to live on the continent of Aman, where the land of the Valar is located. In this context, one could also conclude that the magnificent city on the scene represents Valmar. As you can see, although only one image has been revealed, the story lines are already starting to come together. We hope for more footage and will keep you up to date as always!

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