Scoob! 2: A Sequel to the Original is Supposedly in the Works

Production is still at an early stage, though

by Pierre Lorenz on June 20, 2021

As has been known for a few days, a sequel to 2020's "Scoob!" is set to be produced. With box office takings of just $26.3 million, the preceding film did not even reach its budget of $90 million, though that was mainly due to the pandemic and the fact that most movie theaters were closed. The third film with Scooby Doo and his pals nevertheless managed to bring a refreshing, 3D-animated film to cinemas and home theaters almost 16 years after "Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed" - despite the fact that many die-hard fans were bothered about the many new elements. Yet a further contributing factor is the Hanna-Barbera multiverse that was introduced in the film, which, with its abundance of characters, whetted the appetite for further sequels or spin-offs. This is probably why Warner took the bold step of sticking with the franchise in spite of red figures and supplying fans with new content. According to director Tony Cervone, who was interviewed by, the crew of the first part is back and working on a sequel to "Scoob!". However, at the same time he pointed out that it has not yet been officially announced by Warner. Regarding the release date, Cervone didn't want to or couldn't reveal anything yet, but considering the circumstances, we expect Warner to make an announcement soon.

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