Wonder Woman sequel planned soon

First poster published on Twitter

by Pierre Lorenz on June 5, 2019

Next year the sequel of the celebrated "Wonder Woman" from DC is finally on the agenda. The

first part, released in 2017, worked mostly independently from the rest of the DC

blockbusters and especially the main actor duo Gal Gadot and Chris Pine was well received

by the audience.

Now director Patty Jenkins, who also directs the second part called "Wonder Woman 1984",

has published her first poster on Twitter.

It shows Gadot in golden armour against a psychedelic background in W-form. Furthermore

you can see the Hashtag #WonderWoman84" and the release date. Unfortunately, we can't

interpret much about the content of the poster, we only know that Diana Prince will be

dealing with some kind of cheetah woman. Also, Chris Pine is expected to return as pilot

Steve Trevor.

For further information, we have to be patient, "Wonder Woman 1984" will be shown on the

screen at the beginning of June 2020.

Image of Indiana Jones 5, Django/Zorro, Wonder Woman 2