Godzilla: New MonsterVerse Series Confirmed for Apple TV+

A concrete release date is not known at present

by Pierre Lorenz on January 25, 2022

Following the box office success of "Godzilla vs. Kong" and its subsequent release on HBO Max, another streaming provider has now secured a share of the MonsterVerse, as a series for Apple TV+ is in production, which is to tie in with the story of the "Godzilla" solo film. The storyline focuses on a family that has an unsuspected connection to the monster world and gets to the bottom of it in the series. As the show progresses, they are also expected to encounter the sinister Monarch organization. Showrunner of the series is "Star Trek: Enterprise" producer Chris Black, who will also be writing the script along with comic book author Matt Fraction. How Legendary will continue the MonsterVerse apart from the Apple TV+ series is not known yet, but the "Godzilla vs. Kong" sequel "Son of Kong" is still on the agenda. 

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