The Tomorrow War: Amazon Acquires International Rights

A release date has also been announced straight away

by Pierre Lorenz on April 8, 2021

Some time ago, Paramount Pictures put its blockbuster "The Tomorrow War" up for sale to the big streaming providers. As Deadline reported, several were interested in the action spectacle with Chris Pratt in the lead role, but as is now known since Wednesday, the big player Amazon has obtained the international rights. In return, the provider has invested quite a bit of money, because it is said that the rights cost a whopping 200 million US dollars in the end, so it seems that Amazon has high hopes for the blockbuster, which was originally supposed to be released at the end of 2020. Just like "Coming 2 America" or "Without Remorse", to name but a few, "The Tomorrow War" belongs to a series of movies that were actually intended for theaters but could not be released in the planned time frame. The content of the film, which is produced by the director of "LEGO Batman", is about the main character, played by Chris Pratt, who is in an intergalactic war against aliens together with many other humans. In the course of this, clever scientists come up with the idea of sending soldiers from the past back to the battlefield of the present. The international release date for "The Tomorrow War" is July 2, 2021 on Amazon Prime. 

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