Despite Pandemic: Netflix's Customer Growth Shrinks Dramatically

One of the main reasons might be the streaming provider's disappointing program lineup

by Pierre Lorenz on April 22, 2021

It's no secret that a range of streaming services have benefited from the pandemic. This is in fact also the case for Netflix, which, for example, got many users through uneventful times just about a year ago with its documentary series "Tiger King". In contrast to competitors Amazon Prime, Disney+ and the like, the almost boundless influx of new customers has now declined drastically, as the first quarterly figures from 2021 show. The formerly almost monopolistic provider was able to gain only 4 million new users, which means it missed its actual target of 10 million new customers in quarter one by far. It is slowly but surely becoming apparent that Netflix will no longer be able to reproduce the record figures from last year and is now being left out in the cold due to the lack of top-class productions. While Disney+, for example, scores almost weekly with interesting series and movie content, the Californian company is lagging behind the competition in many respects. By way of comparison, Netflix has just about 208 million users worldwide, while Disney, despite its relatively young streaming service, has already cracked the 100 million user mark. As a result, Netflix's forecasts for the summer of 2021 are sobering in its quarterly report, and the company has adjusted its high expectations to just 3.2 million new subscribers in the coming weeks and months. Besides the recent disappointing series and movie offerings, many users are upset about a price increase in many parts of the world, which is certainly not beneficial for the acquisition of new customers. However, with the launches of "The Witcher" Season 2, "Don't Look Up", "Red Notice" and many other top-notch productions, Netflix should be able to report better figures in the 2nd half of the year.

What do you think? Are you a Netflix subscriber and if so, are you satisfied with the service, or are you increasingly preferring the competitors? Feel free to discuss this with us in the comments!

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