Stranger Things 5: Duffer Brothers Reveal First Details on Season 5

A release in 2024 seems realistic

by Pierre Lorenz on July 5, 2022

A few days ago, the last two episodes of "Stranger Things Season 4" were released on Netflix. With a total of almost four hours of season finale, the fans were treated to a real spectacle that directly whets the appetite for the fifth and final season. Series creators Matt and Ross Duffer have been showered with praise for the current season. They initially announced that they would be taking a vacation this month. From the first week of August, they will then start working on the script of season 5. It is known that the general idea of the series finale has already been defined for quite some time. As the Duffer brothers have often said in the past, the story of the popular troupe from Hawkins was already set before the first camera was even rolling. 

While we were particularly happy to spend time with overlong episodes in season 4, that will change in season 5. In the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the two talked about the fact that the running time of the episodes will be cut back to a normal level. This is not true for the very last episode, though. It is supposed to be at least as epic as the finale of "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King". They want to give the viewers enough time for the emotional farewell of the characters, which is surely just the right decision for such a popular series. There should also not be any major introduction in the first episodes, because as the end of season 4 already shows, the protagonists have more than enough to do. 

There were also a few informative statements from Hopper actor David Harbour in regards to the filming. He revealed to the British GQ that shooting will start next year and that a release in the middle of 2024 is thus considered realistic. We are definitely excited and look forward to more news about "Stranger Things Season 5". 

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