Sydney Sweeney Talks About Her Role In Upcoming Madame Web Movie

Fans were already speculating about her role

by Jonas Reichel on August 15, 2023

Now it's official: "Euphoria" star Sydney Sweeney will play the role of "Spider-Woman" in Sony's upcoming "Madame Web" movie. The actress is thrilled.

Besides "Kraven the Hunter" and "Venom 3", another movie from Sony's Spider-Man universe, "Madame Web", will be released next year. It tells the story of the titular heroine, who can predict the future of other people with the help of her psychic abilities. In addition to Dakota Johnson in the title role, Sydney Sweeney caused some speculation as a part of the cast. With her casting, fans began to guess what exactly her part could be. Now, the actress spoke out in an interview with Variety and confirmed that she will take on the role of Julia Carpenter aka Spider-Woman. According to her, she was totally "freaking out, of course" and immediately went to a comic book store and bought every single comic that mentioned her character.

She was also asked whether her character would play a bigger role in the SSU and MCU beyond "Madame Web". Sweeney shrugged her shoulders with a smile and replied with a simple "yes".

Julia Carpenter first appeared in the 1984 comic "Secret Wars #6" and gained her superpowers through a secret government program. Armed with superhuman and psychokinetic powers and the ability to reach all superheroes across the multiverse, she changed sides several times and eventually also became the new Madame Web.

Spider-Woman's abilities would be a perfect opportunity to have the character appear in all sorts of different projects, and possibly bridge the gap between the SSU and the MCU. We're excited to find out how her role will turn out in the movies!