With "Star Wars" director: "Cloverfield" gets new spin-off

However, in one respect, the new film differs from the rest of the series

by Pierre Lorenz on January 31, 2021

In 2008, "The Batman" director Matt Reeves made his big breakthrough with his monster movie "Cloverfield". Roughly speaking, it's about a major menace that haunts New York City. What makes it special: The film was set purely as a found footage film and yet it was a big hit in theaters. After all, Paramount offset the relatively low production costs many times over with the box office receipts. According to a report by the Hollywood Reporter, a new spin-off of the now three-film franchise has now been announced in a relatively surprising move. Even if Matt Reeves is not involved, "Star Wars" director J. J. Abrams will be his top-class representative. The script is said to be penned by Jon Barton, who incidentally also serves as showrunner for the "Batman" series. The big surprise, however, comes last, because there are many indications that the new "Cloverfield" film will be a direct sequel to the original from 2008 - though entirely without any found footage. Unfortunately, there are no details about the content as of yet, but we will of course keep you up to date!

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