The Boys: First Look at Season 4 Reveals 2 New Supes

These are not from the comic book original for a change

by Pierre Lorenz on October 11, 2022

There was news about the popular Amazon series "The Boys" via Twitter earlier this week. On view are two completely new supes, who should not be familiar even to die-hard fans of the comic book series. The reason is obvious, because these superheroes were indeed created specifically for the show. Mind you, after 24 episodes and three seasons, the comic book original has slowly but surely been used to the max. 

In the promo images we see "The Tick" actress Valorie Curry and Susan Heyward, who is best known from "Orange is the New Black". While one embodies the superhero Sage, who is said to already be a thousand steps ahead of you, the other one is Firecracker, and stands out for having a short fuse. According to showrunner Eric Kripke, we can look forward to both of them equally. They are supposed to be among the craziest additions he has made to the series so far.

Officially, it is not known yet how the story will unfold after the end of the third season. However, a conflict between two main characters seems likely, and the Compound V super serum will definitely play a significant role as well. We are eagerly awaiting further news, though a release date is sadly not yet in sight. 

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