New Villains for "One Piece" Season 2

Season 2 is scheduled for release next year

by Jonas Reichel on June 26, 2024

New baddies for "One Piece" season 2: This time, the Straw Hat Pirates around Luffy, Nami and others will have to deal with the agents of the Baroque Works in the sequel to the Netflix hit. The first actors have now been announced.

As Variety reports, we will see Daniel Lasker as Mr. 9 and Camrus Johnson as Mr. 5. Jazzara Jaslyn, known for the action series "Warrior", joins the cast as Miss Valentine, while "Late Night with the Devil" actor David Dastmalchian will play Mr. 3.

The Baroque Works is a secret organization led by Sir Crocodile - a former Warlord of the Sea who doesn't care much about human life. The structure of the Baroque Works is actually quite simple: the stronger an agent, the lower his number. For the female members, however, the more popular the holiday, the higher the rank.

But that's not all: Netflix has now announced further roles and their casting: Smoker will be embodied by Callum Kerr, and Tashigi will be played by Julia Rehwald. Rob Colletti will take on the role of Wapol, while Ty Keogh will play the character of Dalton.

The Straw Hat Pirates crew will also receive support from Tony Tony Chopper - part human, part reindeer. However, it is not yet known who will play Chopper. Crocus, doctor and overseer at the Twin Cape Lighthouse, will be played by "Game of Thrones" actor Clive Russel. The roles of Dorry and Brogy, meanwhile, will be played by Werner Coetser and Brendan Murray. There are also increasing rumors that "Halloween" star Jamie Lee Curtis could also make an appearance as Dr. Kureha. "One Piece" season 2 will be released on Netflix in 2025.

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