Wise Guys: Robert de Niro to Play Two Parts in New Gangster Movie

The script was penned by the "Goodfellas" author

by Pierre Lorenz on August 17, 2022

Robert de Niro's last appearance in his starring role as a mobster was in 2019's "The Irishman", and now the 79-year-old is back at it again with his very next project: His new movie is called "Wise Guys" and is based on the true story of Frank Costello and Vito Genovese. The two mobsters are successful crime bosses who compete against each other. One day Genovese wants to kill Frank Costello, but the latter survives badly injured and subsequently tries to turn his back on the mob life. The highlight is that Robert de Niro will not only play Frank Costello, but also Vito Genovese at the same time. There is still no further news about the cast or the plot, but we do know that the script will be written by Nicholas Pileggi. He already has some experience as the author of the cult films "Casino" and "Goodfellas" when it comes to classic mob movies, which should certainly please genre fans. "Goodfellas" producer Irwin Winkler is also coming back, meaning that de Niro seems to value the skills of those who already had success with their projects back then. The only person missing to complete the crew is Martin Scorsese as director, one might think. However, "Good Morning, Vietnam" director Barry Levinson, who at least has experience working with Robert de Niro, will be directing the film. Precisely when "Wise Guys" will be released has not been determined so far. 

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