Haunted LaLaurie Mansion in Louisiana: New setting for a film series?

Two Haunted-House specialists take on the new project

by Pierre Lorenz on November 1, 2019

The Haunted House genre will not only get a new movie, but also a whole film series as an addition. It's about a film project of the Hayes twin brothers, which is supposed to revolve around a well-known, real existing haunted house from New Orleans, namely the LaLaurie Mansion. Some stories revolve around it, but the probably best known is the following: The house belonged to the serial killer Delphine LaLaurie, who murdered dozens of slaves in her estate during the 19th century. When this was spread around, her house was burned down by an angry mob in 1834 and rebuilt four years later. In the meantime there was a school and even luxury apartments inside, but it is said that the souls of the murdered slaves do not find peace and therefore haunt the property. A little fun fact on the side: even Nicolas Cage is said to have owned the property from 2007 - 2009.

The Hayes brothers won't lack any additional ideas for the horror house, as they are two real specialists in haunted house horror. Their most famous project in recent times is certainly the Conjuring series, as whose inventors they are often called. Their next film "The turning" will be released on 24 January, 2020, a release date for their latest project has not yet been set.

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