Rumor: Galactus is to Become the Antagonist in Marvel's "The Fantastic Four"

Marvel is also looking for a cast member for the role of Silver Surfer

by Jonas Reichel on February 16, 2024

Shortly after the cast of "Fantastic Four" was announced last Valentine's Day, the next sensation now seems to be just around the corner - because one of the biggest villains in the Marvel universe is apparently set to play a key role in the film.

Specifically, it's about Galactus, who was introduced in the 48th issue of the "Fantastic Four" series in 1966. The character is a scientist who, as the last survivor of the past universe, existed before the Big Bang. Galactus devours entire worlds and travels the galaxy with an unbridled hunger.

According to Hollywood insider Jeff Snyder, Galactus is set to become the antagonist in Marvel's "The Fantastic Four". Actor Javier Bardem is considered a big favorite for the role. Marvel is also looking for a suitable cast member for the Silver Surfer, who is also set to appear in the film. Most recently, Doug Jones slipped into the role in "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer".

Whether we will actually get to see Galactus in the end remains questionable. After all, according to initial rumors, Dr. Doom will also be featured in the blockbuster - he was also teased in a small Easter egg in the first trailer for "Deadpool 3".