News about the future of "Captain America"!

Chris Evans will probably not be seen in the role after "Avengers: Endgame

by Robin Klaiber on February 14, 2019

Plenty of indications suggest that Captain America will probably have no future in the Marvel universe after Avenger's endgame. since actor Chris Evans is already working on a new franchise, a science fiction movie called Infinite, as the two reliable sources Variety and Deadline report. Infite is supposed to be the adaptation of a book by D Eric Maikranz and revolves around a secret society whose members are all aware of their previous lives. So does Chris Evans, whose character wants to become a member of this conspired community. Deadline also means to know that Paramont is already working behind the scenes on Sequels if the first part achieves the expected success. And exactly this new franchise supports the suspicions that Chris Evans won't be back on camera as Captain America after Avenger's Endgame. So if everything works out according to the plan, Infinite will be in the cinemas by mid 2020, although there is no official release date yet.

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