Neve Campbell Returns for "Scream 7"!

Many stars had left the project beforehand

by Jonas Reichel on March 14, 2024

There's a glimmer of hope for the "Scream" franchise! After part 7's production mainly attracted attention due to difficulties, two old hands are now returning to get the film series back on track.

As Variety reports, Neve Campbell will be reprising her role as Sidney Prescott in the upcoming "Scream 7". The news was announced by Campbell herself on Instagram. She spoke excitedly about her return and stressed how much the role of Sidney Prescott is dear to her heart. She described it as "such a blast and an honor" to be able to play the character in the "Scream" films. The actress' return comes after a public salary dispute in which she had to suspend her participation in "Scream 6" due to inadequate pay.

Following the departure of "Freaky" director Christopher Landon, the seventh film will now be directed by the franchise's original writer, Kevin Williamson. In an emotional post on Instagram, Williamson expressed his overwhelming joy at the opportunity to continue the "Scream" series. Guy Busick and James Vanderbilt, who were involved in the previous installments of the film series, are in charge of the screenplay for the new film.

After the recent controversy surrounding lead actress Melissa Barrera and the departure of Jenna Ortega, those responsible seem to be gradually finding a way to move the franchise forward. There is no exact release date for "Scream 7" yet, but with a speedy production, it could be ready as early as 2025.

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