Based on the comic book template: Mark Ruffalo as Hulk for new Marvel series in discussion

But fans should probably not expect a big role

by Pierre Lorenz on March 4, 2020

Some time ago Mark Ruffalo ruled out that he would return to his role as the Hulk in the upcoming Disney+ series "She-Hulk". But that seems to have changed now, because during a visit to the Comic & Entertainment Expo in Chicago Ruffalo revealed that he was in preliminary talks with Marvel about a performance in "She-Hulk". This should please fans of the comics, because in the draft the lawyer Jennifer Walters gets her strength by her cousin

Bruce Banner saving her life with a blood transfusion. So fans can now hope that the series will be much closer to the comic than previously thought. However, fans shouldn't hope for a big role of Ruffalo, since his salary and his full schedule can't be reconciled with "She- Hulk". Apart from that the goal is obviously to introduce a new character, namely She-Hulk and not to bring Bruce Banner back in front of the camera.

Of course, now the question arises who will be seen as She-Hulk in front of the camera. A few days ago, a casting call in the internet caused a sensation, because they are looking for an actress who comes closest to an "Alison Brie type". however many fans are asking: why not just pick the right Alison Brie? Brie herself replied that she had heard about it very late, but that she felt flattered and was not averse. Marvel's decision should be made in summer at the latest, since the release date of the first season is already scheduled for next year.

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