The Batman 2: Production Start Has Been Officially Announced

Harvey Dent is likely to return

by Pierre Lorenz on March 8, 2023

At least two more years will pass before the sequel to the successful "The Batman" from 2022 can be watched in theaters. Until now, it was not very clear when the shooting and thus the busy phase of the production will begin. Michael Uslan, who was already involved as a producer in the previous film, has now announced the long-awaited start of shooting for "The Batman: Part II".

Up to now, we only knew that it would begin sometime this year. Now it's clear that Robert Pattinson will be back in front of the camera as the Dark Knight in November. So although filming may not be starting very early, at least there is now a set date that fans can look forward to.

Until then, there is bound to be plenty of information about who will be returning or joining the cast alongside Pattinson. Recently, Giant Freakin Robot reported that the well-known district attorney Harvey Dent will play a part in the upcoming film. It is said that no actor has been found for the role of the mysterious character yet. But since he has already been played by Billy Dee Williams, Tommy Lee Jones and Aaron Eckhart, it can be assumed that a new actor will be cast this time as well. Until the start of shooting, it remains exciting to see which familiar characters will appear in "The Batman: Part II".

In addition to the latest news on the film, there are fresh images of "The Penguin" series, which is supposed to draw a line between "The Batman" and its sequel. Featured is none other than fan favorite Colin Farrell himself, who received much praise for his portrayal of the gangster boss in "The Batman". The leaked images show the 46-year-old actor on set, which makes these the first shots of the Penguin since the feature film. The series is scheduled to start next year, so there will be plenty of time for marketing "The Batman 2".