"Mr. & Mrs. Smith": This Star Is Unexpectedly Leaving The Series

Trouble seems to be brewing

by Pierre Lorenz on September 6, 2021

"Mr. & Mrs. Smith" starring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was released 16 years ago. The film not only laid the foundation for the relationship between the two stars, which later became world-famous under the name "Brangelina", but was also an enjoyable action romance. Rather suddenly, it was announced at the beginning of the year that a "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" series was being planned under the direction of showrunner Francesca Sloane. The two main actors were also already confirmed: Mr. Smith was to be embodied by US rapper and actor Donald Glover, while the female counterpart was to be given to Phoebe Waller-Bridge. But as Deadline now reported a few days ago, Waller-Bridge has abruptly quit the project. The reason is believed to have been creative differences with her acting colleague Donald Glover. According to reports, the two have parted ways, at least amicably. 

The months-long progress of the series has now come to a sudden halt and it is now up to Sloane and Glover to quickly find an adequate replacement. The situation is different for Waller-Bridge, who is unlikely to be bored at the moment due to the filming of "Indiana Jones 5". 

Whether the series is still firmly on the schedule or whether they might even decide to put the project on hold is currently uncertain, as is a possible release date, of course.

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