Jonah Hill in discussion for "The Batman"

This role could be given to the "Wolf Of Wall Street" actor

by Pierre Lorenz on September 25, 2019

That Robert Pattinson will face more than one opponent in The Batman has been known for quite some time. However, the fact that Jonah Hill could be one of them should be a big surprise for most people. But so far there are disagreements about which villain Hill will play, since the media reports contradict each other. Some think he's has potential as penguin, others see him more as the riddler. Justin Kroll from Variety even thinks that he is still in conversation for both roles, as he announced on Twitter. So which role fits better to Jonah Hill? At first glance, many would probably say: the penguin, at least in terms of appearance. Moreover, the penguin is more associated with Danny De Vito from Batman's return, while the riddler is inevitably associated with Jim Carrey's performance from Batman Forever. The magazine Collider, however, believes that Hill is more likely to be a candidate for the role of Riddler. They argue that on the one hand the role of the penguin is too obvious and doesn't fit into Matt Reeves Reboot style. On the other hand, they draw the comparison to Jim Carrey, who also switched to more serious characters after some comedy roles. As you can see, the current situation still offers a lot of room for speculations and rumours. But Jonah Hill seems to know this, because according to Justin Kroll he wants to get paid 10 million dollars. As a comparison, Robert Pattinson is supposed to get only half of the money in his leading role! At the moment there is also Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon from the Gotham City Police in the discussion. Until the cinema release in about two years some more actors will join the cast anyway, until then it only needs to be waited for official announcements.

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