M3GAN: Sequel is Already Underway

The movie has been running in theaters since January 6

by Pierre Lorenz on January 11, 2023

Just last week, statements about a clash between the "Conjuring" doll Anabelle and M3GAN did the rounds. Among those who responded were horror icon Jason Blum, director James Wan and actress Allison Williams. According to them, the artificial intelligence M3GAN would actually have a good chance against its demonic counterpart.

Well, this week there is also news about "M3GAN". As Deadline reports, a sequel is already in the works as a result of its successful U.S. theatrical release on January 6. James Wan voiced great optimism to the trade magazine, highlighting the diversity of the horror film, which is both creepy and emotionally moving at the same time. He also noted that the approach of technologically driven horror, rather than supernatural horror, is an important feature of the film. This sets it apart from other genre representatives, he said.

On Facebook, Wan further wrote that he and colleague Jason Blum will hopefully delve deeper into the world of artificial intelligence and explore M3GAN's vengeance in a potential sequel. It can be assumed that the main actors of the first part will be back behind and in front of the camera, though an official confirmation is still pending. The horror movie was directed by Gerard Johnstone, while the story was written by James Wan and Akela Cooper. Wan and Jason Blum were also in charge of the production.

We look forward to more news about "M3GAN" in the coming weeks.

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