Out of Nowhere: Disney Presents a Moana 2 Teaser Trailer!

Nothing was previously known about the project

by Tom Hartig on February 7, 2024

This was unexpected: Out of nowhere, Disney presented a teaser trailer for "Moana 2" on its channels on Wednesday evening!

Image of MOANA 2 Teaser Trailer (2024)

In the teaser trailer, we first see an island and then the heroine blowing powerfully into a conch shell horn - followed by the title. And then comes the next sensation: "Moana 2" will already hit theaters on November 27, 2024! An additional trailer is currently expected for the Super Bowl on February 11.

Disney also released various clips of a first image from the sequel, showing Moana, demigod Maui, Pua, Heihei and other crew members on a boat at night, encountering a giant glowing whale.

The animated sequel to "Moana" is another project based on the 2016 hit. Originally it was supposed to be a series for Disney+, which has now been turned into a movie. A live-action film adaptation of its predecessor is also due to be released in cinemas on June 27, 2025 - with Dwayne Johnson in the role of Maui, among others.