Netflix: The Company Plans to Run Ads Very Soon

This model is intended to be cheaper than the ad-free option

by Pierre Lorenz on May 11, 2022

In the recent past, Netflix has made headlines for one thing in particular: the massive drop in its stocks. Now, the company announced a new subscription model that they themselves had considered out of the question for years. It's an option where you pay a somewhat lower price, but have to watch advertisements in return. The launch of this model is expected to happen very fast. For instance, the company decided to forgo test markets in order to be able to offer the new subscription plan within the next six months. They hope to win back some lost subscribers, as many cancelled their subscriptions due to the constant price increases and the lackluster content. Even though many reacted rather mockingly to the announcement, this could be a real opportunity for the streaming service to win back former customers. Other providers are more than capable of competing, and Disney+ in particular is one of the strongest contenders with its constantly surpassed forecasts. This may be due to the consistently high-quality catalog of new movies and series, along with the more affordable pricing. Unfortunately, it is not known yet what the cost of the new Netflix model will be. We are still waiting for an official statement in this regard. 

What's your opinion on Netflix's new subscription model? Can you picture yourself watching ads for less money or, as a former subscriber, can you even imagine signing up for a subscription again? Feel free to let us know in the comments! 

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