Mortal Kombat 2: These Characters Appear in the Movie Adaptation

Filming is planned to start in June 2023

by Pierre Lorenz on April 19, 2023

This week there was the first big piece of news about the upcoming "Mortal Kombat" sequel from Warner Bros. As Geek Vibes Nation first reported last week, filming is expected to start in June and run until September. It didn't take long for the filmmakers to react.

Producer Todd Garner confirmed the start of filming in Australia, saying that he had been wondering why he had an apartment down under. The project is a sequel to the Mortal Kombat movie released in 2021. It didn't do very well with the masses, but still managed to win over a few fans.

Another scoop about the project comes from That Hashtag Show, which has uncovered more details. It involves various characters that are to be added in "Mortal Kombat 2". Among them are two fan favorites from the game series, namely Shao Kahn and Baraka.

Shao Kahn is the ruler of Outworld and will play the role of the main villain. Baraka, on the other hand, is a warlord with razor-sharp teeth who is initially hostile but eventually joins the popular Johnny Cage in battle. Also featured is Princess Kitana, who rules over the realm of Edenia and puts the fear of God into her opponents with her steel fans. She will be particularly targeting Shao Kahn after he was responsible for her father's death. As That Hashtag Show reports, her parents Jerrod and Sindel will also play a part in the sequel. The last character mentioned in the article is Quan Chi, a demon who uses black magic and necromancy against his enemies.

We are looking forward to the upcoming shootings in a few weeks and can't wait to hear further news about "Mortal Kombat 2". A release date is not known yet.