"X-Men: New Mutants" is met with much disagreement.

The actors involved also express their disappointment

by Robin Klaiber on March 27, 2019

X-Men New Mutants was about to become a real hit. At first glance they did quite a bit right with the low budget and the three young film stars Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor Joy and Charlie Heaton, however, many fans have been wondering for quite some time when X-Men New Mutants will be released. And the fact that the announced re-recordings, which are supposed to make the movie darker, still haven't taken place even led to incomprehension among the actors Anya Taylor-Joy was last interviewed in the end of February and could only give the disappointing answer that the film would find its way to the screen at some point. her co-star Maisie Williams became more direct and said "Who knows when the hell it' s going to come out." But why has the film been on ice for a such a long time? Director Josh Boone, who has been a fan of the New Mutants since childhood according to his own statement, wrote a script together with Knate Lee in 2015. and It didn't seem to be that bad at all, after all even comic creator Bill Sienkiewicz was impressed by the script. It is also clear that it is certainly not a bad idea to present members of the X-Men in individual films, which can best be seen in the example of Deadpool. The crux of the matter is that X-Men producer Simon Kinberg himself was busy shooting Dark Phoenix and therefore was not able to be at the New Mutants set. As a result, the communication between director Boone and the studio was more than bumpy, the script was completely gutted and turned into a fantasy story instead of a superhero horror movie. After the shootings were finished at the end of 2017 and the test screenings were positive, they decided to make a rather creepy movie due to the IT horror hype. The postproduction hasn't been announced yet, and won't take place in the nearest future. The official release date 22nd of august this year is more like a parody, since it's not even certain if the movie will come at all.

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