Release Dates for "Daredevil: Born Again", "Ironheart" and "Agatha All Along" Announced

There will also be fewer MCU productions

by Jonas Reichel on May 15, 2024

Series push from Marvel: Despite the MCU currently taking a short break from the movie theaters, there is at least a lot going on in the series department. Marvel has finally announced the release dates for "Daredevil: Born Again", "Ironheart" and "Agatha All Along".

The "WandaVision" spin-off "Agatha All Along" will be available this year on Disney+ - on September 18 to be precise. Besides the release date, the mystery surrounding the title of the series has finally been cleared up. Marvel has caused a lot of confusion among fans in the past few months, as the series' title kept changing. Originally, "Agatha: House Of Harkness" was the working title, quickly followed by "Agatha: Coven Of Chaos" and "Agatha: Darkhold Diaries". Most recently, the bizarre title "Agatha: The Lying Witch With Great Wardrobe" even appeared briefly on the official MCU social media channels before being deleted swiftly.

In fact, it was a deliberate advertising strategy to emphasize the unpredictable and chaotic nature of the character. The title also pays tribute to the catchy tune "Agatha All Along" from "WandaVision", where Agatha Harkness, played by Kathryn Hahn, made her MCU debut. However, the previous titles could continue to be used, for example as episode names or section titles within the series.

After several postponements, we finally got an approximate release date for "Daredevil: Born Again": in March 2025, the blind avenger will once again maintain law and order. A few months later, possibly in Fall 2025, "Ironheart" is also expected to follow. The series revolves around Riri Williams aka "Ironheart", who previously made an appearance in "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever", and she's being considered as a kind of successor to "Iron Man". It has further been confirmed that Williams will have to deal with a supernatural threat.

The fact that we will only get to watch two series from the Marvel universe next year is presumably a consequence of Disney CEO Bob Iger's announcement that the number of Marvel productions is to be significantly reduced. In plain terms, it means only two series and a maximum of three movies will be released each year.

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