Interview with Lucasfilm boss Kennedy: What fans of the franchise can look forward to in the future

These projects are planned after the release of Episode 9!

by Pierre Lorenz on April 19, 2019

Fans of the Star Wars universe can look forward to new intergalactic adventures. In an

interview with MTV last week, Lucasfilm director Kathleen Kennedy confirmed that they are

currently working on a project on Star Wars: Knights of the old republic. She didn't want to

reveal exactly what she meant by that, so whether the new project would be a video game,

a series or even a film.

Fans are currently looking forward to the upcoming US release of Star Wars Episode 9

on December 20th, which is actually said to be the last movie of the Star Wars Saga for quite

some time. However, you can be curious what Lucasfilm plans to do with the Star Wars

universe in the future.

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