Deadpool 3: The Crown Star Has Been Signed As Antagonist

She will be fought by Deadpool and Wolverine

by Pierre Lorenz on February 14, 2023

Many are already eagerly awaiting the upcoming "Deadpool 3". A number of newcomers have joined the film series featuring the somewhat unusual Marvel hero, most notably "Wolverine" star Hugh Jackman. The 54-year-old Australian is currently doing extensive workouts to prepare for the role as Wolverine. As Jackman impressively demonstrated on social media a couple of days ago, the training seems to be paying off so far. A small dig at his colleague Ryan Reynolds was not to be missed, after all, he is a mere eight years younger and thus no match for Jackman.

It was only a few days later that it was announced who exactly Reynolds and Jackman have to get into shape for. Deadline recently revealed the signing of the antagonist of the two lead characters. It is Emma Corrin, who was already impressive as Lady Di in Netflix's "The Crown". She is supposed to follow in the footsteps of the superior villain Cable, who was Deadpool's antagonist in the second part. This is not so simple, after all, the villain was not only popular with the audience, but also gave the almost immortal Deadpool a hard time. Unfortunately, it is not revealed yet which character Corrin will take over exactly. However, the team around director Shawn Levy and lead actor Ryan Reynolds will surely find a suitable candidate from the Marvel universe. For Corrin herself, "Deadpool 3" could be the final leap into the realms of the big Hollywood movies - if she is able to convince the audience adequately.

If current rumors are to be believed, "The Crown" star could assume the role of the sorceress Spiral, who was originally captured by Mojo, already hinted at in "Deadpool 2" and later banished to Earth by the ruler of Mojoworld. In the original comics, she later becomes part of the X-Force and would even stand alongside her former adversary Deadpool. It is worth noting, however, that this is pure speculation so far.

We are looking forward to more news. "Deadpool 3" is scheduled for release on November 8, 2024.

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