Live Action remake of Lilo & Stitch announced

And again Disney wants to turn an animated film into a live action film

by Pierre Lorenz on February 4, 2020

After we reported last week about a possible Bambi remake, this week the next Disney classic is already in the line for a remake. According to the "Disinsider" website, Lilo & Stitch will be a live action and CGI mixed film and will be set in Hawaii. The 18 year old movie Lilo & Stitch is about a lonely girl named Lilo and the alien Stitch, who tries to hide more or less successfully in the role of a dog. Both become friends throughout the story and experience one or the other adventure with each other. When the film was released in 2002, it earned 273 million US dollars on a 80 million dollar budget. In the course of time some sequels and spinoffs as well as an own animated TV series were created. Unfortunately, there are currently no concept pictures of how the two could look like as live action characters. Anyway, Disney doesn't seem to want to stop making live action remakes from old classics in the foreseeable future. The fan community is rather split in its opinion. When the Disney+ production will be released is not yet known.

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