New monster movie "Devolution": Godzilla and Kong will soon receive an additional cast

This creature from US-American folklore will be the subject of the new film

by Pierre Lorenz on June 16, 2020

The MonsterVerse of the production company Legendary Entertainment seems to get a new addition soon! However, the setting will no longer be a large metropolis or an island, but the snowy landscape of North America. Of course we are talking about the mystical creature Bigfoot. At least that's what the Hollywood Reporter reports, who also found out that the studio is supposed to have secured the rights to Max Brook's novel "Devolution". Allegedly Brooks, who also wrote the template for "World War Z", had already developed the concept for a Bigfoot movie in 2013, but then decided to write the book template first.

The story of "Devolution" revolves around a small village in the US state of Washington. It is located at the bottom of the huge volcano Mount Rainier and is attacked by a monster after its eruption. The locals also call it Sasquatch, which means "hairy giant". The villager Kate Holland is the centre of the story. According to the sources of the Hollywood Reporter, the plot will be a mixture of survival, brutal horror and scientific investigation. The border between truth and fiction shall be close together.

But if " Devolution" really makes it into the monster verse at the end of the day is still questionable. Legendary Studios has secured the rights, however, it's hard to imagine Bigfoot next to Godzilla and Kong. A seamless connection to the saga is therefore difficult. Nevertheless, we want to let us be surprise how the studio plans the realization of the novel. A release date is not foreseeable at this time.

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