Sony: These Movies Are Impacted By Postponements

The focus is currently on establishing Sony's Spider-Man Universe

by Pierre Lorenz on September 22, 2022

This week we received the news that Sony has decided to reschedule some of its upcoming movie projects. For years, the company has been striving to further establish its own universe alongside the big competitors Marvel and DC. Since Sony has many great titles in its catalog and can also still claim the rights to the "Spider-Man" film series with Tom Holland, this endeavor is certainly ambitious, but not unrealistic. 

Nevertheless, there is one setback to report in the rapidly expanding SSU: Recently, the responsible parties announced that two movies will deviate from their original release dates. One of them is "Kraven the Hunter" and the other one is "Madame Web". The former should have already been released in early January 2023, but the continued lack of promo material already suggested otherwise. Therefore, the postponement to October 6, 2023 is hardly surprising. Similarly, "Madame Web", which originally should have been released on that 6th of October, has now been pushed back to February 16, 2024. Sony has not given any specific reasons for the delays of the two SSU films. However, it can be assumed that production or post-production is simply taking more time than expected. 

Due to the two changes, the new "Garfield" movie with Chris Pratt has also been pushed back and will not be released until May 24, 2024. Instead, Scott Beck's new sci-fi thriller "65" with lead actor Adam Driver will be released a bit sooner, on March 10, 2023. 

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