Amazon Plans a Reboot of "Tomb Raider"

The popular archaeologist is also set to get a series on Netflix

by Jonas Reichel on November 28, 2023

Lara Croft is making a comeback! Amazon is working on a reboot of the popular "Tomb Raider" franchise, in the form of several movies and a series.

After the anticipated success of "Tomb Raider" from 2018 failed to come to fruition, Amazon is now daring to revisit the material and plans to bring the archaeologist back in a big way. According to Variety, the future adventures of Lara Croft are to take place both in the cinema and in the form of a series on home TV. Amazon has already secured the sought-after author Phoebe Waller-Bridge for the script, who appeared in this year's fifth Indiana Jones adventure "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" and gained fame through her comedy series "Fleabag". Waller-Bridge will be supported by "The Marvels" co-author Megan McDonnell, who will also be involved in the project. However, nothing is known yet about a possible cast for the iconic character.

Amazon is competing with streaming service Netflix, as they are also developing its own version as an animated series to be released as early as 2024. Tasha Huo, who is simultaneously working on a reboot of "Red Sonja" and a live-action adaptation of "Naruto", will be in charge of the Netflix version of "Tomb Raider".