Enola Holmes 3 is in the Works

Millie Bobby Brown could once again take on the role of the titular detective

by Jonas Reichel on November 8, 2023

A new case for Enola: Netflix gives the green light for further investigations by the popular detective and sister of Sherlock Holmes.

The streaming giant Netflix clearly wants to continue the success of its "Enola Holmes" films. Head of film development and production Scott Stuber announced in an interview with Collider that they are currently working on a script for part 3 starring Millie Bobby Brown. Although there is no specific plot at the moment, the plan is to build on the end of part 2 and tell another case of Enola in London.

We can currently assume that Millie Bobby Brown will once again take on the role of the titular detective, and Henry Cavill could also return as her big brother Sherlock. Negotiations with the stars are already underway.

It remains unclear for the time being when "Enola Holmes 3" will be released. Since the film is in the early stages of development, a release prior to 2025 seems unlikely, however.

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