Joker 2: DC Movie with Harley Quinn to Be a Musical

Lady Gaga is under consideration for the lead role

by Pierre Lorenz on June 14, 2022

Last week we reported on the new title for "Joker 2", which according to the script cover is stated to be "Folie à Deux". As the trade papers now unanimously report, Harley Quinn will indeed play a leading role in the upcoming "Joker 2" and it is also already known who will take over this part. The talk is of the "A Star Is Born" actress and multiple Grammy award winner Lady Gaga, who is likely to be in intense talks about the role at the moment. This would make her the successor to Margot Robbie, who played Harley Quinn quite convincingly in the "Suicide Squad" and "Birds of Prey" movies. However, Robbie would not have been considered for the role anyway, since her version of Harley Quinn has nothing to do with the planned Harley Quinn from the "Joker" universe. 

There is further news about the planned way of making the film, because as "The Hollywood Reporter" informs, "Joker 2" is supposed to be a true musical. This is especially interesting since Lady Gaga won an Oscar for her musical performance in "A Star Is Born", and "Joker" director Todd Phillips was also involved in that as a producer. In the fan community, this news was not really met with great excitement. While the demand for a "Joker" sequel is quite high, the planned adaptation as a musical does not really convince many. Some even say that director Todd Phillips based the first "Joker" movie on Martin Scorsese's "Taxi Driver", while the second one seems to be inspired by the Scorsese musical drama film "New York, New York". The latter was a real flop at the box office, by the way, and plunged Martin Scorsese into a deep depression due to its poor reception. However, there are other people who are praising the courage behind the creative decision for "Joker 2" and are at least somewhat curious. 

Either way, the schedule for "Folie à Deux" seems to be progressing at a fast pace. There is no release date yet, but we will keep you posted. 

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