"Mad Max: Furiosa": Huge Postponement of the Desert Blockbuster Announced

The previous part was published over 6 years ago

by Pierre Lorenz on September 14, 2021

"Mad Max: Fury Road" created a sensation in the movie community some six years ago. Its uniqueness and elaborate visual effects were repeatedly praised. This is something we can only agree with, as the project was characterized by lengthy filming and complex post-production. In fact, the post-production alone took three years of work. As a result, the fan community was thrilled when another spin-off of the franchise was announced in 2020, based on the backstory of Charlize Theron's character Furiosa. Particularly surprising was the announcement that the film would be released in the summer of 2023 after barely two and a half years. Well, a few days ago we received the sobering news that the film would be pushed back by almost a whole year to May 2024. Considering the various safety precautions due to the pandemic and a perfectionist director like George Miller, even that still seems very optimistic, all the more so since the team continues to have half a year less time compared to "Fury Road". In other words, we need to be patient until we can finally see the prequel "Mad Max: Furiosa" in theaters. 

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