John Wick Spinoff

With a new director

by Pierre Lorenz on October 9, 2019

John Wick is currently one of the most successful action films ever. Only this year, with its third part, 323 million US dollars were brought in, which in total is more than both predecessors together. The fact that the successor John Wick 4 will happen was already known when the third part was released. But now there are news about the spinoff Ballerina that was announced in 2017. As Deadline reports, a director was found for it, namely Underworld and die hard 4.0 director Len Wiseman. In terms of content, Ballerina is about a young hit woman who wants to take revenge on the murderers of her family. She is said to have completed her education at the school, which is led in the third part by a woman who is only known as the director.

Unfortunately, it is not yet known who is considered for the leading role and whether Keanu Reeves could also play a role as well. It seems likely that Ballerina will be released between part 3 and 4, so the most likely release is in 2020.

Image of Jared Leto vs new Joker, Scorsese against Avengers, John Wick Ballerina