The Grudge reboot is postponed

A big disappointment for all horror fans

by Robin Klaiber on January 30, 2019

Horror fans all over the world will be disappointed: The Grudge reboot, planned for this summer and already finished shooting, will be postponed by half a year. And that usually means nothing good, because if an already filmed movie is postponed, it is usually due to dissatisfaction on the part of the producers and which results in re- shoots. Another possibility is that the first weekend of the new year for horror films usually brings a successful cinema start - most recently seen at Sony's Escape Room. The content of the reboot is supposed to be full of even more sinister ghosts, which this time doesn't include Toshio and Kayako by the way. Nevertheless, there will be some familiar faces to see, including The Nun Star Demian Nichir, Lin Shaye from Insidious and William Sadler from shawshank redemption. And also with director Nicolas Pesce they seem to have found a capable man for a horror movie, who is not supposed to become mainstream at all. So whether the release postponement to January 3rd 2020 was the right decision or not, we will be able to see with our own eyes next year.

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