Indiana Jones: New Series Planned After Feature Film

Indy's goddaughter Helena will presumably be the center of attention

by Pierre Lorenz on November 10, 2022

Next summer, we can look forward to "Indiana Jones 5", which will probably be the last time starring Harrison Ford in his legendary role. Anyone who thought that the franchise would be over for good after that may well be wrong. As Variety informs, a Disney+ series is already being worked upon behind the scenes, which could merely be the beginning of a revived franchise. Still, if Ford is unavailable to star in the series, the question remains: who will follow in his footsteps? Is this possibly going to be a prequel, or will it even star Indy's goddaughter Helena, who is embodied by Phoebe Waller-Bridge in the new film? In the 1990s, there was already a series called "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles". At that time, a prequel was also created from it, showing the young Indy in different stages of his life. That rather suggests that the upcoming series will focus on a new character instead of producing a similar series twice. 

Before we start speculating about further details, we must first wait for the feature film, which is scheduled for release on June 30, 2023. In all likelihood, the film will provide more clues as to the direction the series will take. 

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